SourlingaS Woodfloor

The SOURLINGAS WOODFLOORS Company was founded in 1964 and constitutes one from the bigger Greek companies of trade and treatment of wood in Greece. This achievement emanated from the most excellent combination of our multiannual experience, excellent know-how and continuously evolving technology that we use so that we provide always the most excellent and pioneering product.

Our personnel are specialists and they are always ready to face any problem and provide the most suitable solution depending on the needs, the particularities and the requirements of each manufacture.

They are provided with the last technology’s tools of treatment and qualitative control of the wood, as well as with the evener tools of placement of floors. The completeness and the experience of our personnel combining with the huge and appreciable variety of wood floors and drawings of floor interior as well as for exterior design do our company pioneer in our field of expertise.

Based on these factors the model of the company that we envisage in our mind strengthens more, having as companions in this travel the absolutely gratified and faithful in our products’ customers.

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